S5 Firmware Update Guide

My pair of batch 2 S5 were delivered with cgminer v4.7.0 ( No extra-nonces support )

Without extra-nonces, S5 get unstable and crash often on Nicehash

Latest S5 Firmware include cgminer v4.8.0
Download here

Login to your miner and update your firmware like that

Very easy to do, take 90sec to reboot.

Now just add #xnsub command to nicehash/westhash pool


Latest S5 are delivered with latest firmware so you don’t need to care about that.

I set my Frequency at 375Mhz and get stable 1.25TH/s

Happy mining 😉

Edit: Antminer S3/S3+ Guide For Extra-Nonces Support Here

Antminer S5 Review Soon

I ordered 2x Antminer S5 Batch 2. Couldn’t make it in time for first batch. Maybe a good thing doh, second batch could receive some tuning from first batch production.
S3 miner are good example. At first most of them were running a 440-460GH. My S3+ Batch 11 give me 500GH/S+ at full OC speed.

It cost me 2.79BTC including shipping cost to Canada. It will cost me another 100$/miner in custom fee ( estimated on previous order ).

Antminer S5 Order to Canada

S5 feature new MinerLink software to manage your miner remotely.
Looking forward to try it. I will add more information soon.

Hashie.co 10 Days Payout Review


EDIT 2015-01-11
Hashie.co is a confirm SCAM
Hashie Scam Exposed
Hashtalk Discussions

Hashie.co is down.
Look like a powerful hacker attack for now.
You can read how it happen here
Hashie Hacked


I purchase batch of AMhash miners 100GH at 0.12BTC / each.
Sending and withdrawing bitcoin is easy.

I sold a miner on the market for higher price than I had pay. Probably a newbie who purchase it…

Buy miner on dec 8.

Hashie Market

Sell it with profit + 8 mining days

Miner Purchase

Great doh ?

Current AMhashminer price at Hashie.co is 0.012BTC/10GHs or 3,78$ at 315$/BTC value.

Hashie.co payout

Electricity fee at current BTC prices is 38% of revenue earn.

Best bang for your bucks right now. I will invest more, trusted cloud business with easy transaction. Selling / Buying work well. Simple but does what it is suppose to do.


Hashie on Bitcointalk

Hashie Cloud Mining Alternative

Hashie is a trusted cloud mining cie. I find them by reading hashtalk users post. They offer free 10GH miners when you sign-up. I just did it and got my miners in sec. From comments I read they have lower maintenance fee. They also have a market place similar to ZenCloud where you can buy cheaper miners from other users. Price are very competitive, I will try them myself for later review. They use Rockminer and ASICminers hardware. For now you can grab 10GH miner for free at Hashie I recommend buying the latest AMHash miner, will be more efficient and profitable then buying generation 1.

AMHash 3 ANN

Hashie Free 10GH Bitcoin miner

Free Bitmaintech Coupons For S3+, C1 and S4 Bitcoin Miners

I order twice at Bitmaintech,

I received this newsletter today

Dear Customer,

Greetings! We are glad to inform you that BITMAIN has kicked off its promotional season! BITMAIN began business exactly one year ago, and is celebrating its 1st birthday with great discounts. Coupons were issued to previous customers last weekend, to be used against the S3+, S4 and C1 miners.

$50 coupon for each S3+

$400 coupon for each S4

$50 coupon for each C1

I give away my coupons for free, got tons of them : )

Claim your coupons here

Hashtalk is the official forum of GAWminers

Block Erupter How-To: Share Win7 Internet Wi-Fi Connection

How-To share a WI-FI internet connection with your RJ45 connection

Connect your PC or laptop via Wi-Fi first. Be sure you don’t have any ethernet cable attached.

Go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Centre -> Change Adapter Settings on your WI-FI card
Right click Properties, go to sharing. Allow Internet Connection Sharing, click both boxes.

Share Wi-Fi Connection with Block Erupter

Your RJ45 connector receive a fixed IP :

Download BFGMiner for PC.

Create at batch file like this in the uncompress folder
Command line is :

bfgminer -o us1.ghash.io:3333 -u username_worker -p anypassword –stratum-port 3333 –set-device PXY:diff=512

Set an IP address to the Block Erupter, I set mine to

Gateway, Primary DNS, Pool Address should It’s your shared connection address from your PC / Laptop
Port number is set to 3333, need to change if pool need another port number. Set your ASICminer Tube or Prism clock.

Block Erupter Wi-Fi Proxy Connection Config

Open a DOS session, run CMD, type IPCONFIG /ALL. Confirm it’s good IP. Ping address.

Ok start engine, launch BFGMiner batch file with your settings and power up your block erupter hardware.

BFGMiner V4.7.0

Hotel WI-FI. Ethernet cable connect to Block Erupter
Block Erupter Mining With Laptop WI-FI
Hotel WI-FI ASICMiner Tube

Complete Setup Guide for ASICMiner Tube

ADUM1280CRZ 3 kV RMS Dual Channel Digital Isolators From Analog Devices

Analog Devices – ADUM1280CRZ – Digital Isolator; 18NS; SOIC-8 Datasheet



How-To safely interface Tx/Rx signal between ASIC board without causing ground loop if multiple power supplies is use.

Connect 12V from supply1 lets say V1

Connect 12V from supply2 lets say V2

Et voila!

No more ground loop causing EMI noise or degraded signal integrity.

I want to try it on ASICminer Tube PCB board. They solder only 2 pins on my PCB board for TX/RX signals, miss ground or something here.
I suspect they chop the gnd connection between 2 PCBs ( 250W each or 250W / 12V = 20A ). Is the leak gnd point between two high current board.
I need to put a scope to check signals. TX is buffed with a 7407 chip.

They need to discover this chip. SOIC-8 pins

Info On New Bitcoin Technologies