ASICMiner Tubes Deep Inside

Deep Inside ASICMiner Tube

This is the DC/DC regulator use in Tube design to feed the BE-200 ASICs.

Part Number TPS53335 High-Efficiency 20-A Synchronous Buck Converter From Texas Instruments.

They can deliver up to 20A in a very tiny package. Input voltage range is 4.5V-25V on those little beast.

Need 8x DC/DC to supply 24 BE-200 ASIC to have a PCB board loaded. That 20A * 8 = 160Amps Abs Max or a lot.

TPS53353 PDF Datasheet

This DC/DC transform input 12V to 3.3V for chips logic voltage, 3A Max
AOZ1021 PDF Datasheet

Good DC supply and constant current is the key for a design to go well.
EMI and Ground loop can be a problem with high current circuits, high filtering is required.
Most of the components is capacitors of all sizes and big inductors. Only job : to filter DC on the board.

Observe all those nice ground planes, well done. Need more soldering on power connectors for sure. Production quality issues.