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Antminer S5 Review Soon

I ordered 2x Antminer S5 Batch 2. Couldn’t make it in time for first batch. Maybe a good thing doh, second batch could receive some tuning from first batch production.
S3 miner are good example. At first most of them were running a 440-460GH. My S3+ Batch 11 give me 500GH/S+ at full OC speed.

It cost me 2.79BTC including shipping cost to Canada. It will cost me another 100$/miner in custom fee ( estimated on previous order ).

Antminer S5 Order to Canada

S5 feature new MinerLink software to manage your miner remotely.
Looking forward to try it. I will add more information soon.

Hashie Cloud Mining Alternative

Hashie is a trusted cloud mining cie. I find them by reading hashtalk users post. They offer free 10GH miners when you sign-up. I just did it and got my miners in sec. From comments I read they have lower maintenance fee. They also have a market place similar to ZenCloud where you can buy cheaper miners from other users. Price are very competitive, I will try them myself for later review. They use Rockminer and ASICminers hardware. For now you can grab 10GH miner for free at Hashie I recommend buying the latest AMHash miner, will be more efficient and profitable then buying generation 1.

AMHash 3 ANN

Hashie Free 10GH Bitcoin miner

Block Erupter How-To: Share Win7 Internet Wi-Fi Connection

How-To share a WI-FI internet connection with your RJ45 connection

Connect your PC or laptop via Wi-Fi first. Be sure you don’t have any ethernet cable attached.

Go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Centre -> Change Adapter Settings on your WI-FI card
Right click Properties, go to sharing. Allow Internet Connection Sharing, click both boxes.

Share Wi-Fi Connection with Block Erupter

Your RJ45 connector receive a fixed IP :

Download BFGMiner for PC.

Create at batch file like this in the uncompress folder
Command line is :

bfgminer -o -u username_worker -p anypassword –stratum-port 3333 –set-device PXY:diff=512

Set an IP address to the Block Erupter, I set mine to

Gateway, Primary DNS, Pool Address should It’s your shared connection address from your PC / Laptop
Port number is set to 3333, need to change if pool need another port number. Set your ASICminer Tube or Prism clock.

Block Erupter Wi-Fi Proxy Connection Config

Open a DOS session, run CMD, type IPCONFIG /ALL. Confirm it’s good IP. Ping address.

Ok start engine, launch BFGMiner batch file with your settings and power up your block erupter hardware.

BFGMiner V4.7.0

Hotel WI-FI. Ethernet cable connect to Block Erupter
Block Erupter Mining With Laptop WI-FI
Hotel WI-FI ASICMiner Tube

Complete Setup Guide for ASICMiner Tube

ASICMiner Tubes Deep Inside

Deep Inside ASICMiner Tube

This is the DC/DC regulator use in Tube design to feed the BE-200 ASICs.

Part Number TPS53335 High-Efficiency 20-A Synchronous Buck Converter From Texas Instruments.

They can deliver up to 20A in a very tiny package. Input voltage range is 4.5V-25V on those little beast.

Need 8x DC/DC to supply 24 BE-200 ASIC to have a PCB board loaded. That 20A * 8 = 160Amps Abs Max or a lot.

TPS53353 PDF Datasheet

This DC/DC transform input 12V to 3.3V for chips logic voltage, 3A Max
AOZ1021 PDF Datasheet

Good DC supply and constant current is the key for a design to go well.
EMI and Ground loop can be a problem with high current circuits, high filtering is required.
Most of the components is capacitors of all sizes and big inductors. Only job : to filter DC on the board.

Observe all those nice ground planes, well done. Need more soldering on power connectors for sure. Production quality issues.

Mining In A Hotel Room With ASICMiner Tube

I just came back from a road trip ( for my daily work ) to western Canada.
I drove from Quebec City to a little Town near Calgary in Alberta.
3500Km+, 7000Km total to get back.

I stop by Winnipeg in Manitoba and realize that is where are located. I stop by the next morning and discover a nice business. I hang around 1hrs or 2 and get out with a ASICMiner Tube in parts. I assembled it in my hotel room the next day. Really easy and save some money by assembling it myself.

ASICMiner Tube

I mined with my Tube for over a month in different hotels.
From all the room I connected my miner, only one breaker pop : )
Miner + Coffee machine, black my entire room … doh !

Yeap, room 215, yeap, don’t know what happen … lost electricity ?
Oh… I see, we send you someone to fix that ASAP. Our apologies !

No prob … 🙂

Low-cost = they save on soldering I guess.
Visual inspection indicate very low soldering on DC plug … watch out not to stress the connector too much when connecting.

Best price in US here