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[Recommended] AmagiMetals Turn Crypto To Gold And Silver

I order 1 gram gold bar from Amagi Metals in april 2014. I purchase it with my Litecoin. I had a feeling after couple of prices drop that LTC prices will continue to fall …
I wanted to spend my litecoin mined with my Radeon 290. Gridseed was starting to hit scrypt market with ASIC miners. Famous 5-chips Orbit and G-Blade.
I was 3 old month miner, I jump start with scrypt mining, faster ROI I was say. First transaction ever with my ?litecoin? Gold sounded cool to me. My GPU power for gold. I trade some for bitcoins already and it make more sense for my no-tech friends. I give it a try after several research on google. I received my package in Canada. Everything went smooth.

Litecoin Price on April 19 2014

Gold prices evolution over 10 years ( NASDAQ Graph )

Amagi Metals

Official YouTube Channel
Amagi Metals Official YouTube Channel

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Tesla coins

There’s a lot of new crypto coins popping since bitcoin was created

I bought a T-Shirt to support the developers

Tesla official website and IRC Channel
Tesla coins

Go have a chat with them , they will explain what is all about 😉