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I have a new Genesis Hashlet !

I’m closer to ROI my miners than ever before. After a really bad summer ( June to August ), I’m now buying new miners with my bitcoins generated from my mining farm. ROI is mean return on investment. When I don’t put anymore FIAT money into my farm, I’m ROI my new miners on first day : )

Go at Gawminers now and buy some at 1$/GH.


Gawminers announce new SHA256 Hashlet Genesis

Gawminers CEO Josh had made another announcement today :

This is from
Gawminers official forum

Hey Everyone!

Funny how you all jumped the gun with a sneak peek on today’s announcement. It’s getting harder to outsmart you guys.

What you saw was an outdated page, so make sure you read on to get the latest details.

But before that, a few quick updates on ZenCloud:

We’ve added credit card purchases back in.
The Hashlet auto purchase option now gives a 5% discount!
Hashlet can now be merged!
You can now see your ranking in the Champions Page!
A bug that incorrectly displayed payouts for some users has been fixed.
Oh, and my upvotes are now worth 100 Hashpoints :grinning:

We’ve also spiced up HashPoints by adding a 20 upvote per day cap in HashTalk :grinning:

Now for the announcement…

First though, a quick recap. You probably have picked up on it by now – Hashlet is transforming our industry. With zero pool fees forever, depreciating hosting costs, exclusive access to the most profitable multipool on earth, and ownership that never expires, Hashlets are the most advanced and future-proof miners in the world.

Hashlet isn’t just our most popular product; it’s the most popular miner in the world and the fastest-selling miner in history.

So for that, I want to congratulate you. You all understand that Digital Cloud Miners are the way forward and you are leading the charge into the future of profitable mining.

HashPoint Widget on HashTalk
I am very excited about this update. As you guys remember, every upvote you give provides that person with a HashPoint! HashPoints can currently be used to purchase more Hashlets, but that will change soon. From the beginning, HashPoints were meant to be a large part of Project Prime! They can never be purchased, they always have to be earned. And very soon, you will see the full power of Hashlets and HashPoints to unlock things you never thought were possible!

In order to help you keep better track of your HashPoints, we have added the HashPoints Widget! It will show up soon on the top right corner of HashTalk so you can see a log of all the HashPoints you have earned!

Keep helping the community, and keep earning HashPoints. You will be glad you did :grinning:.

I would now like to welcome you to the newest addition to the Hashlet family.

Introducing Hashlet Genesis!

Hashlet Genesis is like the Hashlets you already know and love. But there’s one important thing that makes it special. Hashlet Genesis is SHA-256 Compatible!

They start at $9.95 for 10GH bundles, and have a .02 maintenance for for all 10GH!

Oh! And Hashlet Primes are going to be able to switch to SHA-256 at the end of next week. You will be able to switch it between Scypt and SHA on the fly! We will explain how this will work next week :grinning:

So to be clear on Hashlet Genesis’ Features:

0% pool fees, forever.
Gets more efficient as new Hashlets add to the grid.
Costs depreciate over time, keeping ROIs up
Never grows obsolete.
And it’s owned forever, never expiring.

The last bit there is important.

Some of you may have seen that there are a few competitors of ours popping up recently, offering temporary mining contracts to their customers. It’s funny. It’s not just that the contracts are rip off expensive, but there’s a deeper issue at heart. These are the same folks who’ve been caught red handed mining on their customer’s purchased hardware and who constantly delay their customer’s preorders for months on end.

Now they’re proud to sell expensive mining contracts that expire and become worthless?!

And in some cases, they are even using our designs. As they say “if they can’t innovate, then they imitate”

Back to time contracts: How are limited contracts supposed to bring anyone a ROI? One company says they will simply just stop mining for you if the profits become the same price as the payout. What is that? Why not continue to innovate so that does not happen? If the customer wins, you win!

I just wanted to say how happy I am to work with people like you guys, who see through these things and recognize value when they see it.

Because of that, I want to end this announcement with something I shared recently with our Vaultbreaker customers. It belongs to you just as much as it does them:

“To every supplier in this industry:

From this moment forward, the only way to succeed in this industry is to fight tooth and nail for your customer’s ROI.

End of story.

If you cut corners and prioritize anything above meeting your promise to deliver on time and actually give miners a chance to ROI on their equipment (before you do!), then you’re going to see your market share vanish before your eyes. Your customers will flee and take their hard-earned money to a company that deserves it.

Miners have options – you now live in a world where you have to fight to be one of them.

So please, all of you, send that message far and wide and make this clear: The era of false promises and profit mongering by ASIC companies is over.

Hashlet is here. Your move”


Josh, HashKing

New cloud miner Hashlet Genesis