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S5 Firmware Update Guide

My pair of batch 2 S5 were delivered with cgminer v4.7.0 ( No extra-nonces support )

Without extra-nonces, S5 get unstable and crash often on Nicehash

Latest S5 Firmware include cgminer v4.8.0
Download here

Login to your miner and update your firmware like that

Very easy to do, take 90sec to reboot.

Now just add #xnsub command to nicehash/westhash pool


Latest S5 are delivered with latest firmware so you don’t need to care about that.

I set my Frequency at 375Mhz and get stable 1.25TH/s

Happy mining 😉

Edit: Antminer S3/S3+ Guide For Extra-Nonces Support Here

Manage your bitcoin mining farm from the cloud fast free and easy

I use Teamviewer to monitor and manage my
bitcoin miners when I’m away from home for work.

I use it for my personal needs, license is free for that use.
If you manage your customers bitcoin rig remotely, you should pay a license.

I can also remote control my PC with a apple app or android.
It work very well. I don’t have to tweak my firewall or router
to get a remote access to my home network.

Here a youtube video to show you is very easy to install and setup.