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ADUM1280CRZ 3 kV RMS Dual Channel Digital Isolators From Analog Devices

Analog Devices – ADUM1280CRZ – Digital Isolator; 18NS; SOIC-8 Datasheet



How-To safely interface Tx/Rx signal between ASIC board without causing ground loop if multiple power supplies is use.

Connect 12V from supply1 lets say V1

Connect 12V from supply2 lets say V2

Et voila!

No more ground loop causing EMI noise or degraded signal integrity.

I want to try it on ASICminer Tube PCB board. They solder only 2 pins on my PCB board for TX/RX signals, miss ground or something here.
I suspect they chop the gnd connection between 2 PCBs ( 250W each or 250W / 12V = 20A ). Is the leak gnd point between two high current board.
I need to put a scope to check signals. TX is buffed with a 7407 chip.

They need to discover this chip. SOIC-8 pins