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Antminer S5 Review Soon

I ordered 2x Antminer S5 Batch 2. Couldn’t make it in time for first batch. Maybe a good thing doh, second batch could receive some tuning from first batch production.
S3 miner are good example. At first most of them were running a 440-460GH. My S3+ Batch 11 give me 500GH/S+ at full OC speed.

It cost me 2.79BTC including shipping cost to Canada. It will cost me another 100$/miner in custom fee ( estimated on previous order ).

Antminer S5 Order to Canada

S5 feature new MinerLink software to manage your miner remotely.
Looking forward to try it. I will add more information soon.

Free Bitmaintech Coupons For S3+, C1 and S4 Bitcoin Miners

I order twice at Bitmaintech,

I received this newsletter today

Dear Customer,

Greetings! We are glad to inform you that BITMAIN has kicked off its promotional season! BITMAIN began business exactly one year ago, and is celebrating its 1st birthday with great discounts. Coupons were issued to previous customers last weekend, to be used against the S3+, S4 and C1 miners.

$50 coupon for each S3+

$400 coupon for each S4

$50 coupon for each C1

I give away my coupons for free, got tons of them : )

Claim your coupons here

Hashtalk is the official forum of GAWminers

[Recommended] AmagiMetals Turn Crypto To Gold And Silver

I order 1 gram gold bar from Amagi Metals in april 2014. I purchase it with my Litecoin. I had a feeling after couple of prices drop that LTC prices will continue to fall …
I wanted to spend my litecoin mined with my Radeon 290. Gridseed was starting to hit scrypt market with ASIC miners. Famous 5-chips Orbit and G-Blade.
I was 3 old month miner, I jump start with scrypt mining, faster ROI I was say. First transaction ever with my ?litecoin? Gold sounded cool to me. My GPU power for gold. I trade some for bitcoins already and it make more sense for my no-tech friends. I give it a try after several research on google. I received my package in Canada. Everything went smooth.

Litecoin Price on April 19 2014

Gold prices evolution over 10 years ( NASDAQ Graph )

Amagi Metals

Official YouTube Channel
Amagi Metals Official YouTube Channel

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