Hashlet ZenMiner Dashboard

Here’s my dashboard from Zencloud / Gawminers

When you purchase a Hashlet or other hosted miners,
you receive a redeem code by email.
Click on redeem zenhardware code,
Cut and paste your code, enter. done

Step 2 you need to choose a pool to start mining.
You choose from predefined pools.
Drag and drop icon on miners, and that it’s.
Very easy, QUIET, and went bugs happens,
GAW staffs take care of business by quick fix.
If they have big issues, they compensate with mining time,
last bug it was double hash rate.
Only cool stuffs to make you happy and forgiven.

I also have 3x S3 Antminer.
I bought them with 1 month free hosting.
They ship it to you after free hosting or you can
let them hosted for some electricity fee.

Something nice I find is I did not reboot anything on zen.
No router crash, power supply to buy, PI, heat, noise.
I think is a big deal, kind of like it.