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Hey Everyone,

It’s been a busy week. Let me start out this Friday update with what everyone’s been waiting to hear.

We are still evaluating options on how to replace Nice Hash for our SHA customers. We have made some progress and will have more to share next week!

In the mean time, I know many of our SHA customers have had one thing on their minds. Hashlet upgrades…….

SHA-256 Hardware Upgrades
While we figure out a permanent resolution to NiceHash situation, we’re going to do something many of you have been asking for. We’re offering SHA hosted-hardware customers a free upgrade to Hashlet Genesis at a 1:1 ratio!

It’s important to me that we treat every single customer fairly. This is our way of doing that for you. We want to give you the same treatment we gave our hosted Scrypt customers.

We will start rolling this out next week

Hashlet Solo Customers

As a result of what happened with Nice Hash this week, we have decided to convert all NiceHashlets to another Solo.

We will be upgrading all NiceHashlets to ZenHashlets! The worlds most profitable pool!

ZenHashlets payout according to ZenPool, which has a far higher pay rate than NiceHash’s real payout rate. Plus each ZenHashlet costs $2 more than NiceHashlets. So this is a pretty big upgrade. We know you will be really excited about this.

This will take place in ZenCloud update in a few hours!

Hashlet Prime Customers!
For you guys, we have something special to unveil.

Introducing HashBoost!

Now, when you login to ZenCloud, you’ll be able to activate “HashBoost” on your Prime Hashlets. When you activate Turbo Boost it doubles the your hashrate for Hashlet Prime! for a small amount of time each day. But here’s the best part! You can do it twice a day!

This is a feature, along with SHA mining (coming next week) will be the first of many Prime upgrades I’ve been excited about for a long time, and we’re rolling this one out early for you guys. Its just another on one of the many benefits to being Hashlet Primes owner!

Enjoy your HashBoost :grinning:

This will take place in ZenCloud update in a few hours!

Introducing The ZenCloud Hashlet Exchange!

I know many of you have been waiting for this! In the next ZenCloud update, you’ll be able to login to your account and place Hashlets you own for sale to all other ZenCloud users.To ensure your maxium ROI, we will offer a set price, so no one can just throw out random low numbers.

And guess what. While your Hashlet is “on the market” ready to be sold, it doesn’t stop mining for you! So while you’re busy buying your next Hashlet and making money, you aren’t missing out on a thing (tell me what at-home miner can do that).

When we built the ZenCloud Hashlet Exchance, we had 3 top priorities. Safety, stability, and speed. We want Hashlets be able to be bought and sold with confidence. That means eliminating theft, zero haggling, and no slow escrow services. We also don’t want customers to have to lose out on their hashing power while they put their Hashlets up for sale. Since we can offer that feature, we will.

This is one of the biggest updates to date we’ve made to ZenCloud. That wraps it up for tonight.

Oh wait, there’s one more thing.

As you all know, I’ve been spending quite some time in HashTalk lately. I do that because I have fun here too because I want to be cIose to our customers so I can see what we’re doing well and what we can work on. I also do it so I know what new features you guys want most. And if there’s been one feature you guys have wanted to see, it’s this one. And so, I am excited to say that we are…

Introducing Legendary Hashlets!

Legendary Hashlets are incredibly special and rare. They’re Hashlets that are only available for a limited time upon release, after which they become unavailable for purchase and are placed into our Legacy Vault.

Sure, they may target ZenPool just like a regular ZenHashlet, but there’s that’s where the similarities end. Here’s what sets them apart.

First, they have a completely unique skin that gives them their own special look and feel. They also are only available within ZenCloud to ZenCloud customers and can only merge with other identical Legendary Hashlets. But most importantly, what sets Legendary Hashlets apart from other Hashlets is that they’re only available for a very short time and only a certian amount will ever be sold.

All of this makes Legendary Hashlets the rarest breed of Hashlet ever!

And of course, some will be even more rare than others. That depends on how many are hoarded by owners who cherish them and how many we make available in the first place. But make no mistake. Legendary Hashlets will be the hardest to find and most sought after Hashlets in the world.

The first one we’re introducing is the Remember Hashlet, to honor those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001.


Also keep in mind this. We’re strongly considering adding the owners of the largest merged Legendary Hashlets in a special place on the Champions List. That way the slickest collectors can earn some fame for their craft.


Alright, that it’s for real this time. This is one of the most comprehensive updates we’ve made to ZenCloud to date. I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again. We won’t stop at making ZenCloud the best Cloud Hosting service in the world. We’re making it the single best platform for running a miner in the world! Every other miner in the world will drool what you will be able to do with your Hashlets.

Hash on.

Josh – HK

PS. I did not forget about batch 2, we have something special in the works for you guys next week! :grinning:

PPS. Oh, then there is Project Prime

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