Antminer S3

AntMiner S3 Manual

Specifications from official website :

Hash Rate: 453 GH/s±5% with great OC potential
Power Consumption: 355 Watt at the wall
Power Efficiency: 0.78J/GH on wall
Power Supply: 12V DC
Size: 331 mm x 137 mm x 160 mm
Fans: Two 14038 fans mounted on both front and back ends
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 35 °C
Complied with: FCC / CE
Network Connection: Ethernet

Power consumption: This figure depends on the PSU efficiency, ambient temperature and the accuracy of the power meters.


1) Power consumption: This figure depends on the PSU efficiency, ambient temperature and the accuracy of the power meters.

2) PSU: You have to prepare your own the ATX PSU. The S3+ ships without a PSU. There are 4 PCI-e connectors for +12V DC input, but it only needs to connect two of them if without overclocking (PSU not included). Don’t parallel connected different DC input from different PSU into the same Hashing board.


Stand alone: The S3+ mines stand alone, needs no proxy server.

Quiet: The customized heat sinks mounted to the hash boards, one box over S3+ to control the air flow, two fans mounted on both front and back ends that mean fans are able to work at lower speed to dissipate all heat easily. This design let S3+ run at much lower noise level.

Stable: Running 24 hours a day with minimal downtime.

Accurate: Hardware Error got from the sample unit rate is as low as 0.01%, hundreds times better than some competing products.

Efficient: High energy efficiency to save your investment on PSU and electricity bills.

Hytekk Support

I got a pair of Antminer S3+ batch 11 and they didn’t support extra-nounce command #xnsub

So how to mine Extra-Nonces With Antminer S3+ batch 11 ?

First, always good to use the latest firmware from
Bitmaintech Support Page

Download latest firmware for Antminer S3

Then login to your S3+ with your internet browser and update your firmware. Your setting is saved as default.

Here cgminer 4.7 Readme

Bitmain AntMiner S3 binary with cgminer 4.7 and extranonce.subscribe

sourced from:

with patch from NiceHash

with Bitmaintech’s AntMiner S3 driver

With extranonce.subscribe used with &

Drop in replacement for /usr/bin/cgminer

Update Antminer S3+ with cgminer 4.7 binaries and extranonce

1. (this step is optional but recommended) update your AntMiner firmware to the latest one:

2. after firmware update is successful, connect via ssh to your miner (use putty under Windows)

3. enter this command to stop cgminer:

/etc/rc.d/S99cgminer stop

4. backup existing cgminer binary

mv /usr/bin/cgminer /usr/bin/cgminer-original

5. upload patched cgminer binary from your computer

scp [path where you download and extracted patched cgminer]/cgminer root@[IP of your miner]:/usr/bin/cgminer

(or use WinSCP under Windows)

6. make the new uploaded cgminer binary executable:

chmod +x /usr/bin/cgminer

7. start cgminer

/etc/rc.d/S99cgminer start

8. go to the AntMiner’s web interface and append #xnsub at nicehash or westhash pool URL, press “Save & Apply”

9. wait a minute and then go to the nicehash or westhash miner’s details web page and make sure you have
a green checkmark in “Extranonce subscription” column

So I used putty and login via SSH to my S3 IP address
First stop S99cgminer process, upper / lower case is important to respect.
I backup my file then stop process.
I switch to WinSCP, open another session, navigate to /usr/bin and uploaded cgminer v4.7 binaries file in it.
Sending chmod +x /usr/bin/cgminer command make sure file is executable.
Restarted S99cgminer process.

Set #xnsub command line in miner configuration / S3+ configuration page
Done !

Antminer S3+ SSH Command Line #xnsub

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