Antminer C1

Specifications From Official Website


* Hash Rate: 1,008 GH/s guaranteed

* Power Efficiency: 0.8 Watt/GH/s at the wall

* Voltage: DC 12V input, 70A recommended, no PSU

* Water cooling block’s interface: G1/4-8 thread screw

* One 14038 Fan working with water cooling block

* Temperature: 38~40 °C at 25 °C ambient temperature

* Noise: 40~45 DB at 25 °C ambient temperature

* Ethernet connection, Stand alone

* Certificate Compliance: FCC/CE

Recommend Accessories, Order Now:

Note: Bellow parts are not included in C1.

* Water cooling pump: Flow 450L/H, Head Pressure 3.0m, DC12V/0.5A, G1/4-8 screw threads, 1 unit

* Radiator: Aluminum, 389mm * 128mm * 36mm, G1/4-8 screw threads, 1 unit

* Fan 12025: DC12V/1A, including grills, 3 units

* Transparent tubing (ID/OD): 5/16” / 3/8” (10/8mm), 3 meters

* Coolant: If you choose an aluminum radiator, you can use deionized water with an additive, or specialist coolant. If you buy a copper radiator, you must only use specialist coolant.

* Connectors: G1/4” thread 10/8mm fittings to connect the C1 to the pump and radiator. Either compression fittings or barbs 4 units

* Spring clamps or worm drive fittings if you chose barbs, 6 units


1) Power consumption: Quoted figures depend on your PSUs efficiency, the ambient temperature and the accuracy of the power meter.

2) PSU: You must provide your own ATX PSU. There are 4 PCI-e connectors for +12V DC input and all are required.

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