Rockminer R3 Box

Here a nice video tutorial to show you
how to setup Rockminer R3 Asic Bitcoin Miner
using raspberry pi.

I own 3 of those myself.
Weeks of hashing 24/7, so far, so good !
Can’t complain, only for lower reject rates.
I overclock one unit at 350Mhz ( default is 320Mhz ). It provide me 520GH/s with 8-9% reject rates.
The 2 others run at default speed of 320Mhz, can OC them without reject rate getting crazy and had miner crashed / reboot.
They both have reject rate of 10% for 480GH/s.
So in clear you get 440GH/s ( 480GH – 10% ) of clean hashing power.
If you have a unit able to be OC, you got full 480GH/s.

R3 Box Rockminer

To calculate revenu from hashing power go here
Bitcoin difficulty

Experienced buyer use $/GH to evaluate miner prices.
Gawminers is selling at 399$ ( time of writing ) so 399$/440GH give you a ratio of 0.90$/GH

You can buy from manufacturer using bitcoin only

Rockminer are availables to ship at ( at time of this post )

They have a high reject rate, but they hash none stop.

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