Mining In A Hotel Room With ASICMiner Tube

I just came back from a road trip ( for my daily work ) to western Canada.
I drove from Quebec City to a little Town near Calgary in Alberta.
3500Km+, 7000Km total to get back.

I stop by Winnipeg in Manitoba and realize that is where are located. I stop by the next morning and discover a nice business. I hang around 1hrs or 2 and get out with a ASICMiner Tube in parts. I assembled it in my hotel room the next day. Really easy and save some money by assembling it myself.

ASICMiner Tube

I mined with my Tube for over a month in different hotels.
From all the room I connected my miner, only one breaker pop : )
Miner + Coffee machine, black my entire room … doh !

Yeap, room 215, yeap, don’t know what happen … lost electricity ?
Oh… I see, we send you someone to fix that ASAP. Our apologies !

No prob … 🙂

Low-cost = they save on soldering I guess.
Visual inspection indicate very low soldering on DC plug … watch out not to stress the connector too much when connecting.

Best price in US here