Sweeet, I receive a free Clever Hashlet from Gawminers

This is great, I log in this morning in my zenminer account and discover that I have a new clever hashlet in my pool.
Do you know another miner business that give you free stuffs after you had bought from them?

I buy all my bitcoin / litecoin miner from Gawminers
except for a Lunar Launcher from Hashra.

Worst buying experience ever. Buy it at 1080$,
a week later price drop at 425$.
Could not call them, no reply to email, very bad business.
I receive a tracking number after 27 days,
needed 28 days to fill a complain with my credit card.
And, on top of all the delays, they hold my miner for
another 3-4 days before actually ship it.

My miner was working. I read on forum that many had problems
with hardware or receive DOA units, mine was
fine but had no more interest in it.

Gawminers, on the opposite, do everything they can to please you
or to fix any problems you had experienced.
They are now the biggest miner seller in the World …

Hashra, take note, I will never order from you again.
Love Gawminers too much 😉

Clever Hashlet